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90 James Hadley Chase Novels Collection – (EPUB & MOBI Versions)

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Titles of novels in this collection:

1. He Won't Need it Now 
2. No Orchids for Miss Blandish 
3. The Dead Stay Dumb 
4. Twelve Chinks and A Woman 
5. Lady, Here’s Your Wreath 
6. Get a Load of This 
7. Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief 
8. Just the Way It Is 
9. Blonde’s Requiem 
10. Eve 
11. I’ll Get You For This 
12. Make the Corpse Walk 
13. More Deadly Than the Male 
14. No Business of Mine 
15. The Flesh of the Orchid 
16. Trusted Like the Fox 
17. Miss Shumway Waves a Wand 
18. The Paw in the Bottle 
19. You’re Lonely When You’re Dead 
20. Figure It Out For Yourself 
21. Lay Her Among the Lilies 
22. Mallory 
23. But a Short Time to Live 
24. In a Vain Shadow 
25. Strictly For Cash 
26. Why Pick On Me 
27. The Fast Buck 
28. The Wary Transgressor 
29. I’ll Bury My Dead 
30. The Double Shuffle 
31. The Sucker Punch 
32. The Things Men Do 
33. This Way For a Shroud 
34. Mission to Venice 
35. Safer Dead 
36. Tiger By the Tail 
37. Mission to Siena 
38. You Never Know With Women 
39. You’ve Got It Coming 
40. There’s Always a Price Tag 
41. You Find Him, I’ll Fix Him 
42. The Guilty Are Afraid 
43. Hit and Run 
44. Not Safe To Be Free 
45. The World In My Pocket 
46. Shock Treatment 
47. Come Easy, Go Easy 
48. What’s Better Than Money? 
49. A Lotus For Miss Quon 
50. Just Another Sucker 
51. A Coffin From Hong Kong 
52. I Would Rather Stay Poor 
53. One Bright Summer Morning 
54. Tell It To the Birds 
55. The Soft Centre 
56. The Way the Cookie Crumbles 
57. This Is For Real 
58. Cade 
59. You Have Yourself a Deal 
60. Have This One on Me 
61. Well Now, My Pretty 
62. An Ear To the Ground 
63. Believed Violent 
64. The Vulture Is a Patient Bird 
65. The Whiff of Money 
66. Like a Hole In the Head 
67. There’s a Hippie On the Highway 
68. An Ace Up My Sleeve 
69. Want to Stay Alive 
70. Just a Matter Of Time 
71. You’re Dead Without Money 
72. Have a Change of Scene 
73. Knock, Knock! Who’s There? 
74. Goldfish Have No Hiding Place 
75. So What Happens to Me? 
76. Believe This, You’ll Believe Anything 
77. The Joker In the Pack 
78. Do Me a Favour – Drop Dead 
79. I Hold the Four Aces 
80. My Laugh Comes Last 
81. Consider Yourself Dead 
82. A Can of Worms 
83. You Must Be Kidding 
84. Try This One On For Size 
85. You Can Say That Again 
86. Hand Me a Fig Leaf 
87. Not My Thing 
88. Hit Them Where It Hurts 
89. Have a Nice Night 
90. We'll Have a Double Funeral


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